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NASA through expeditions carried out by the Apollo, demonstrated that there is water on the Moon in large quantities.

NASA has discovered water on the Moon, no one knows specifically the origin of this element, in the journal Science suggests that the origin may be meteorites antique, just as on Earth, scientists are not in agreement about its origin.

Researchers found an approximate 98% percentage in the Earth also comes from ancient meteorites, which means that both planets had similar origins of the water fountains, the explanation is that water... Continue Reading

The sharpest ear of all animals.

It has been discovered that the wax moths can detect frequencies of up to 300 kHz, which means that they have the maximum sharpness of sound of all animals...

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The shifting climate truth or lie.

There is disparity of views on the matter, scientists are not in agreement, as climate change depends on many factors, difficult to control.

Currently... Continue Reading

We can divert the trajectory of an asteroid with today's media.

This question can have many answers, especially scientists are not in agreement as to cope with the possible problem

The launch into space of a missile, is possible with the technology current, say specialists, although surely tradeoffs in policy-making enough problems it is not easy, entails an observation ship to analyze the target and the impactor, this is a project of NASA and ESA, for the time being as explained by the director of the ESA general studies programme"We prepare the Aida mission with NASA, in which they make the impactor and us... Continue Reading

System to distinguish smells.

Researchers from the University of Valencia and University of Gavle in Sweden, jointly developed a system of detection of kinds of smells.

This system, similar to the human nose, is capable of detecting the smell given off by the pears and apples, the method used is to cut the fruit in question and apply an air source, and that air is carried to sensors in number 32 which identifies different odors to discriminate each, .esos data are taken to the computer and processed the information, these results are observed in different graphics, where you can see are different from the odor of pears and apples. This study published it Sensors and Actuators A, these studies are... Continue Reading

A window to see the brain.

Kevin Warwick, a Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading (United Kingdom), makes experiments to connect with the brain.

This scientist with his amazing experiments, makes us see that everything is possible, the field Cybernetics, one of his experiments as connecting a computer using the placement of electrodes in his arm or cultures of rat neurons to test learning through reinforcement, are some of the examples of the vision of the possibilities afforded us Science todayone of its objectives is to improve the learning and understanding of the human brain capacity, although... Continue Reading

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