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We can divert the trajectory of an asteroid with today's media.

This question can have many answers, especially scientists are not in agreement as to cope with the possible problem

The launch into space of a missile, is possible with the technology current, say specialists, although surely tradeoffs in policy-making enough problems it is not easy, entails an observation ship to analyze the target and the impactor, this is a project of NASA and ESA, for the time being as explained by the director of the ESA general studies programme"We prepare the Aida mission with NASA, in which they make the impactor and us observation ship", the asteroid will have a diameter of 150 meters in diameter, and will be completed in 2022, with a cost of 120 million euros by that and other party USA. Experts say with regard to the hypothetical collision of a more than one kilometer in diameter asteroid, something that is unlikely, the best would be a nuclear explosion, in the case of asteroids between 100 meters and one kilometer, the most effective method is the impact kinetic, in small enough time to advance with asteroids, can divertwith stream of ions, or gravitational tractor. About the issue of explosions, experts are not in accordance with the method to follow, since you can send from a distance or put loads on the same asteroid, this last is a great technological problem, at the moment seems to be a bit far move or topple an asteroid.

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