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A journey through Germany, place of interest.

Talk about this city, it is talking about an example Continue Reading

School image and sound of Almeria has returned the capital German (EISO)

Deutsche welle
This trip was a professional and didactic approach, they were able to learn new technologies related to the media, as well as exchange experiences with experts from editors of the DW, a German TV channel.

School image and sound of Almería (EISO), following an agreement with a Berlin television station Deutsche Welle (translated to Spanish German wave), Almeria students moved to Berlin, could see the different technologies of last generation media of this chain, sharing experiences of each one of them, technical and drafting of news, with Spanish students.... Continue Reading

Can we divert the trajectory of an asteroid with today's media?

This question can have many answers, especially scientists are not in agreement as to cope with the possible problem.

The launch into space of a missile, is possible with the technology current, say specialists, although surely tradeoffs in policy-making enough problems it is not easy, entails an observation ship to analyze the target and the impactor, this is a project of NASA and ESA... Continue Reading

Recovery of spaces and areas in Germany.

The Muggenhof, in Nuremberg district a place industrialized, which AEG closed its facilities being abandoned for 6 years, which took a total of 1,700 workers, these ships of a total of 150,000 meters square, this led to a downturn in the area.

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The German economy, employment in Germany.

"Data from the 2009 of the Interior product gross (GDP) had a fall of a total of 5%, the German recipe had its positive results."

The Coalition carried out by the Social Democrats in Germany, and Christian democratic Union , Angela Merkel, they agreed that subsidized enterprises that do not cast workers, this was the date of the 2005 to 2009, where Germany had an important economic crisis, another method used at the time was the reduction of hours of work, for this number of workers exceeding the needs of the companies the so-called Kurzarbeitin principle. On the other hand, Federal agency employment to offset the wage difference, from 67% to 60%... Continue Reading

Andalusia closes the 2012 with a new all-time high in exports.

Companies of Andalusia, sit solidly on the outside, closing 2012 with its third consecutive all-time high, reaching 25.054 million euros, 11% more than in him last year, being one of the regions that has taken the reins of the Spanish economy.

If compared to the year 2009, the Andalusian sales have grown a total of 73%, which is the most advanced of all the autonomous communities, and double the growth recorded in the whole of Spain during that period, data from the Minister of economy, Antonio Avila, together with the Director of the Andalusian agency for overseas promotion, Teresa Sáez. In terms of most important sectors are the fuel and petroleum-based, with two large refineries one in the province of Cádiz, and the other at la Rábida , Huelva, hydrocarbons increased by 62%, being the number of 31.245 million euros, 6.3% more than in 2011. Continue Reading

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