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Abba the Group Swedish eternal remembrance which was of them?

Was a musical group of the 1970s, great success, by be innovative at the time and a music quality beyond doubt, today only Björn Ulvaeus is related to the entertainment industry.

Group Abba is without a doubt one of greatest bands in Europe and the rest of the world, since that began... Continue Reading

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Munich, one of the best in the world.

He was founded in Munich in 1893 by Franz Kaim, son of a manufacturer of pianos.

In its early days was directed by great directors, such as Hans Winderstein, Hermann Zumpe and Ferdinand Löwe, that always demanded a high level to the Orchestra, which then would remain until today.Another objective was to reach throughout society, since in the past it was limited to wealthier social classes. In the years from 1910, it was known as Orchester des Münchner, still in private hands, during the first world war, it did not just activity... Continue Reading

The Metropolitan of New YorkArt Museum, it would take approximately 2 days to see it completely, because of its size.

It is one of the best museums in the world, for a number of galleries, themed, and quality, with five million visitors a year.

Located on the sides of the Central Parkin New Yorkcity, one of the peculiarities is its large dimension, even to offer tour for it since it has five huge galleries and a sector of... Continue Reading

An important economic engine will be the cultural industry.

The Picasso Museum Malaga one of the most visited in Spain.

This museum was opened in 2003, with 285 works by Picasso, painter from Malaga, this museum has a number of visits that is around the 391.319 a year...

Pablo Picasso painter Universal, touched by genius, left us a legacy in the form of works of art, for its artistic interpretation... Continue Reading

Experts point to the cultural industry to be first-order economic.

Countries such as China and the institution of the UNESCO, they suggest that the cultural industry can help overcome the economic crisis, 450 experts in Hangzhou, they suggested the way by which the cultural industry have an important weight in the economic future of the countries, the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova said that it would be positive to promote cultural industry, because it is a sector that can generate income and at the same time the global economy recover. Hangzhou rulers and artists and other members of this sector met, it was the example of Iceland that with an economy that was among the first to suffer from the crisis, its President opted for... Continue Reading

How they can coexist, the digital book and paper.

The digital book pays 21% tax, while the book of paper just 4%.

Today you can choose between a digital book, or one paper, as we all know, the digital with cheaper prices because of the lack of printing. Sales are made on many occasions through platforms for this purpose, through a web, that reduce costs, since we could say that it more resembles a Association of authors... Continue Reading

The great composer Beethoven showed already in his childhood being a genius.

His father faced the constant evidence of that was before a genius of music, encouraged these qualities, this has forged one of the greatest composers of classical music of all time.

Ludwig van Beethoven, born in Germany, his father quickly realized the natural talent of his son to the music. Beethoven really begins in... Continue Reading

Discovery to prevent sudden death in babies.

Pacifiers in babies, can prevent sudden death. Australian scientists discovered that the use of this product in infants improves the heart rate in these, and in turn can prevent sudden death.

Long ago it became known, that... Continue Reading

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