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Laughter Therapy

Un mal dia para caerse de la cama

Everything OK?
Yes Mr. Don Armando
The boss asked me if all things are right.
We will be doing something wrong?
I think that we do nothing well.
That matter will charge as well.

University of Utah scientists invent the wireless Catetometro.

The appliance of enormous complexity has been tested in 537 job interviews.

75% Not helpful staff manages to hide in an interview under the usual rules, with this appliance hidden under the table the interviewer gets detect possible 95% security... Continue Reading

The cat with wings of Turin manages to escape.

The scientists who were studying them spent the night eating pizza while they analyzed the results of the numerous test that had made him.

The question immediately joined the Carabinieri who failed to understand how a cat can escape from a 7 floor through a window... Continue Reading

Geneva man marries "virtual girlfriend"

An inhabitant of the populous city of Geneva to the difficulties of finding a relationship with a woman physical searched love in the virtual world.

Marriages in virtual worlds are known and relatively common for some time now however are between avatars of real people... Continue Reading

Farmer located in the river Mississippi Gold Nugget filled with chocolate.

Obadiah Price, a peasant from the region of Iowa fan in search of gold...

Continue Reading

Build a church with ice cream sticks and burned the gendarmerie as a precaution.

Françoise Pignon a fond mockups from child and resident in the French Provence region was for years...

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It dies of laughter telling a joke!

Andreas Faber, a comedian from the region of exposes, was conducting a performance of so many that he had made, his genius...

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Detainee to be confused with an exhibitionist

A London citizen is arrested in a department store after the angry cries of the women who were buying.

The morning had begun well for Jimmy McGardigan, took his breakfast of 2 not very fried eggs and proceeded to take a shower before going to work... Continue Reading

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