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The German economy, employment in Germany.

Data from the 2009 of the Interior product gross (GDP) had a fall of a total of 5%, the German recipe had its positive results.

The Coalition carried out by the Social Democrats in Germany, and Christian democratic Union , Angela Merkel, they agreed that subsidized enterprises that do not cast workers, this was the date of the 2005 to 2009, where Germany had an important economic crisis, another method used at the time was the reduction of hours of work, for this number of workers exceeding the needs of the companies the so-called Kurzarbeitin principle. On the other hand, Federal agency employment to offset the wage difference, from 67% to 60%, the advantage that was obtained was workers not passing to collect unemployment. In times of crisis, the payment of subsidy to the companies was to just 24 months, in the recovery period to 18 months, in the years 2010, 2011 to 12 months declined and in 2012 reach 6 months, although it then went back to 12 months, solicitadoras of these State aid companiesthey faced different economic times, with a great advantage with respect to models of other countries. Today day continue to operate with this system, many German companies and they continue to benefit from a successful policy of the German Government, protection of companies and workers, trade unions and employers as the main political parties, see with good eyes this recipe from the Government, an advantage is that companies do not lose their most qualified workers, apart is not fattening the unemployment lists, and the subsequent grant, and social discontent, the glue that has this system is that it serves for skilled jobs, but in precarious jobs of low professional qualifications , you could solve with the dismissal. This recipe applied to Spain, where most of the dismissals carried out, have been conducted in construction related sectors, possibly had failed, in many cases, or in the majority they were not professional qualified, one of the conditions necessary to be able to collect these subsidies.

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