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Andalusia closes the 2012 with a new all-time high in exports.

Companies of Andalusia, sit solidly on the outside, closing 2012 with its third consecutive all-time high, reaching 25.054 million euros, 11% more than in him last year, being one of the regions that has taken the reins of the Spanish economy.

If compared to the year 2009, the Andalusian sales have grown a total of 73%, which is the most advanced of all the autonomous communities, and double the growth recorded in the whole of Spain during that period, data from the Minister of economy, Antonio Avila, together with the Director of the Andalusian agency for overseas promotion, Teresa Sáez. In terms of most important sectors are the fuel and petroleum-based, with two large refineries one in the province of Cádiz, and the other at la Rábida , Huelva, hydrocarbons increased by 62%, being the number of 31.245 million euros, 6.3% more than in 2011. Andalusia achieved a trade surplus 5192 billion euros. Another important sector is the agro-industrial, oil, fruit, vegetables, with a manufacturing process that arrives at the same level, which economically comes to have the same weight as of fuels. The copper sector and its derivatives, which provide a total of € 1,485 million, one 12.6% increase in 2011. And the aerospace industry, with a 5.8 percent increase with a total of 1,051 million euros. That with the industry of steel, wineries, tourism, and a host of industries list would be endless, make Andalucia an economic engine, for its growth, its work and constant effort of the Andalusian companies Andalusian products are greatly valued outside of our borders, greatly benefiting the rest of the country, an economic example without a doubt for the rest of the Spanish communitiesthat have unfortunately had quite negative economic results in different concepts. The European Community absorbs half of Andalusian exports, France, Germany, Italy and the rest outside the community European, with an advance of 16% annual rate. Andalusia is together with Catalonia and Madrid which exported most of Spain, being quite similar data, although Andalusia is growing significantly superior, with the creation of a new 445 exporting companies.

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