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Detainee to be confused with an exhibitionist

A London citizen is arrested in a department store after the angry cries of the women who were buying.

The morning had begun well for Jimmy McGardigan, took his breakfast of 2 not very fried eggs and proceeded to take a shower before going to work. Not he realized that his small, demonic neighbor, a 12-year-old child fond of the jokes had put you glue in the pot of the shampoo, and after 3 minutes rubbing began to be realized that could not remove hands from her head. With raised arms and hands taped to the head it tested all forms of communicating with someone that will help you to solve this situation, without success. He decided to then enter at the first store that he saw to ask an employee that you cut with scissors hair, finding only employees who saw him with spleens above coming closer, not hearkened unto their words, and fled Minifig calling the police, that is if, finally already at the police station I helped him cut his hair.

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