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How to care for our garden.

Here are a few tips that can help us to keep our garden, in a simple way.

We will start with the mode of planting, take into account before planting, the size that can be reached to keep the plant and separate them from one... another. Make large holes and clean them of bad herbs, add compost, compost, humus, peat, if we did not have organic manure, we could use mineral fertilizer... Continue Reading

Going to the gym is a good choice for our leisure time.

It can serve to break the monotony, and will help us to keep us in good physical condition and mood.

The gym associated effort and constancy, certainly to notice the results will require a previous work, which in principle can be hard... Continue Reading

How can combine work and leisure.

The competitiveness of firms makes it more difficult to keep leisure, in favor of more income.

The GDP of the time in Europe is currently a 5% below the United States, according to Oliver Blanchard, 30 years ago was 30% lower, currently yield per hour worked is greater in countries like France or Germany above us. Europe has fewer workers than in the us, the Europeans... Continue Reading

Alternatively visit spas in leisure or vacation time.

It is defined as the establishment where you can find mineral waters of medicinal with some type of property.

The medicinal waters are the basis of all Spa, there are numerous... Continue Reading

Do we know what to do with our free time?

There are many possibilities that we can opt, but sometimes we do not know what can give us more satisfaction, leisure is...

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Retirees, immersed in leisure.

Retirees have all the free time, which after a long working life is a must, since in many cases it is not always well led...

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Visit the coto de Doñana, National Park, one of the most important in Europe, declared a world heritage site in 1994.

It is an ecosystem...

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