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How can combine work and leisure.

The competitiveness of firms makes it more difficult to keep leisure, in favor of more income.

The GDP of the time in Europe is currently a 5% below the United States, according to Oliver Blanchard, 30 years ago was 30% lower, currently yield per hour worked is greater in countries like France or Germany above us. Europe has fewer workers than in the us, the Europeans work fewer hours than U.S. workers a total of 257 hours less in 2001, indicating that Europeans prefer to enjoy more time on vacation and leisure time, even receiving less income. Some experts suggest there is no European workers to work more hours, for reasons sometimes of governmental agreements, retirement, etc., as the report I Timbro, which points to be due to State policies wrong, by a heavy burden of taxation that discourages the worker, according to the Liberals, although some examples such as the case of Ireland in which the number of hours worked, it has declined a 25% although taxes have had an increase lower than the United States.Studies seem to show that Europeans are not willing to lose income leisure.

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