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Alternatively visit spas in leisure or vacation time.

It is defined as the establishment where you can find mineral waters of medicinal with some type of property.

The medicinal waters are the basis of all Spa, there are numerous features water with particular types that can relieve us any medical condition in particular. The difference that can be found with respect to spas, for example is the type of water that is mineromedicinal with Declaration of public utility, while in the Spa it is normal in the case of the Spa. The spa can be used to cure any disease or prevent it, spas that are often remote cities surrounded by nature and in an environment of peace, which will help us to feel better both physically and mentally, since it will improve us stress, fruit of the daily work of a busy life. Each type of water that has a Spa which will be only one, we will indicate the types of waters and the benefits it can bring to our health, the sodium are stimulants, the Sulfuradas have a clear skin, respiratory and locomotive stock. The radioactive are good for depression, anxiety, stress, the Ferruginous serve to regenerate the blood, they are useful for the regimes of thins, the Sulphated are diuretic. The Bicarbonates are effective for the digestive system, the carbonated are recommended to increase the appetite and the circulatory, knowing the types of waters and their characteristics and our needs will have to choose one or the other.

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