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How to care for our garden.

Here are a few tips that can help us to keep our garden, in a simple way.

We will start with the mode of planting, take into account before planting, the size that can be reached to keep the plant and separate them from one another. Make large holes and clean them of bad herbs, add compost, compost, humus, peat, if we did not have organic manure, we could use mineral fertilizer, as the last resource. By planting trees we must fasten with a few tutors or stakes so they do not move. In terms of irrigation to note that not all plants need the same amount of water, plants when they have little time, have roots on the surface, what depends entirely of irrigation, is due to water in the morning or at dusk, it is better not to exceed with irrigation because it would be harmful for the plant.. It is recommended every year pay the plants, it is good to add to the Earth chelates of iron or another kind of micro-nutrients to prevent lack of iron, or to directly spray the leaves, to get some green leaves is necessary to it regularly could be every 2 months if the necesesitara. To have our garden free of weeds, use screens should, then it puts over gravel or bark to achieve a good aesthetic result, another way would be to put pine bark at the base of the plant, straw or mulch, or gravel. Herbs such as the sedgegrass, bindweed, Canota, etc are difficult to remove the constancy and removing them with the hoe, get delete them better, which use chemicals such as herbicides glyphosate. The pruning of trees, vines, shrubs, roses are pruned in winter, other plants such as Mint, lemon balm, Oregano, thyme, should be cut back after flowering, so you do not get Woody. A healthy plant will be more resistant to diseases, a simple method when we observe that leaves are attacked by a problem,.start those leaves and that way we can remove the problem, use insects to eliminate insects as it is the case of ladybirds, to remove aphids, and insecticides can also help us to control pests. Although there may be a less natural method.

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