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Visit the coto de Doñana, National Park, one of the most important in Europe, declared a world heritage site in 1994.

It is an ecosystem of contrasts of different landscapes where wildlife is varied as well as vegetation, its wide extent and location, is place for birds.

It is an ecosystem of contrasts, different landscapes where the fauna is varied as well as vegetation, its wide expanse and situation, is place for birds, in their migrations, lie in these vast marshes, accompanying landscapes of dunes between other many ecosystems, with a total of 300 thousand hectares, equivalent to the extension of Luxembourg, of which one part is in the province of Huelva. In the beginning was hunting of the Kings, and was declared National Park, in 1969, with a total of 365 species of birds, of which many are in danger of extinction, is 500,000 birds winter throughout the year, other types of animals that are also found in this Habitat are the reptiles with a total of 21 species11 amphibians, and 20 freshwater fish, 37 mammals, among which we find the Iberian lynx, and a total of 900 plant species, in its diversity one of the attractions of this National Park, is the possibility to make one more added attractions, tours, and its location in Andalusia do for nature loversbeing a possible visit in a place where nature has been preserved in its original state, with the changes of nature, one of the main objectives is the preservation of this jewel of our country.

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