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Albert comic

He don't looked at in the mirror

Do all good see you pouting?
The boss told me, that I have a bad face.
Something happens to Charlie!
That has not has looked in the mirror Mr.

My boss is like a father

The boss is in a bad mood
Is it the crisis?
There be if we wake up!
Yes, Mr. Don Armando.
You know that I am as a father.
(yes... Daddy.)

A companion called mortgage

The boss is passed two villages.
It is not so.
He is always better than your mortgage.
The bad thing is that you're right Prudencio.
As I say.

Gasoline has become a luxury item

They will raise the gasoline.
We will have to come to work at donkey.
Or jogging.

The productivity and wage

Everything OK?
Yes Mr. Don Armando
The boss asked me if all things are right.
We will be doing something wrong?
I think that we do nothing well.
That matter will charge as well.

The consensual abuse of authority is not a problem

be or not to be here is the problem!
(Look at the philosopher.)
come on Lets work!
(Yes my general.)
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