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Recovery of spaces and areas in Germany.

The Muggenhof, in Nuremberg district a place industrialized, which AEG closed its facilities being abandoned for 6 years, which took a total of 1,700 workers, these ships of a total of 150,000 meters square, this led to a downturn in the area.

Nuremberg an industrialized city, although in many places and areas, was in a State of abandonment, due to the closure of many factories, administration of Nuremberg, project the idea of use of space, that they were free, fruit of this is the cultural center of Auf Aeg great attractions, the old factory of AEG, where craftsmen work, artists and small businesses, is the use of a space that was without any social utility, and is of benefit to all, and give birth was a gray place for abandonment where the centrifuge is the most important place in AEG, with a total of 600 metres square, which houses all kinds of eventsconnected with art and all its forms, where they spent a hundred artists, in 2008 this project was made possible through the Platform secondchanceproject.eu , which has the objective of projects aimed at promoting the value of the areas industrial not used, is located a few kilometres from the city centre.

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