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A study reveals that depression and anxiety are related to insomnia.

This study reveals that a high percentage 70% is related, according to the Association of private psychiatry.

Experts expressed that 25% of the Spanish population suffer from insomnia, which leads to fatigue or irritability, and other symptoms, the VI Congress held by this institution, experts said that the group with more incidence of this problem, they are women and elderly, in many cases may be the result of other diseases, or pharmacological treatments, although age is a factor which can impair our dream. It is essential to find the exact cause and origin of the same, although they are causes in general that may affect all kinds of ages, and have special attention to take measures, as always sleep at the same time, exercise but not before bedtime, drink not exciting, not to eat too much before bedtime, not watch TV in bed, because that would make it difficult to sleep, these disorders should be tackled in time to not derive in other disease more serious such as depression, and others.

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