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School image and sound of Almeria has returned the capital German (EISO)

This trip was a professional and didactic approach, they were able to learn new technologies related to the media, as well as exchange experiences with experts from editors of the DW, a German TV channel.

School image and sound of Almería (EISO), following an agreement with a Berlin television station Deutsche Welle (translated to Spanish German wave), Almeria students moved to Berlin, could see the different technologies of last generation media of this chain, sharing experiences of each one of them, technical and drafting of news, with Spanish studentsThis German channel is could witness operation in real time of the chain both live in deferred, for more than three hours. Almeria students were very satisfied, since his visit was very profitable for them. Another visit which was already scheduled before, went to Ernsehturm (better known as TV Tower) On the other hand by visiting one of the cities most important of Germany, for being a tourist place, a great story, it was time to take advantage and visit the different attractions, visited the Berlin wall and the prestigious Filmmusem Berlin which is a film Museum, in different projections carried out could see the cinematography in this country, for example a Berlin actress Marlene Dietrich, the classic "Metrópolis". Another visit was the itinerant exhibition of the director Martin Scorsese, presented both to teachers and students

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