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The international Opinion

Andres Castaño

The German economy will continue to be in the future one of the strongest in the world.

The German economy, is not foreseeable evolution in time, not to be or much less immune to the global crisis.

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Maria José Oña

The NAP today

Some German weeklies published absurd comments about something that belongs to the Spanish social culture.

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Pedro Almansa

Future trends

The tendency of the way of buying is changing, traditionally bought in nearby shops, in many cases to our homes, auque are maintained and is an important form of selling model.

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Sebastian Lopez

Not seeing reality

We don't want to see the reality of climate change, which in my opinion is evidence, focusing on the bees, which can serve as a thermometer of the State of the environment of nature.

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Luis Ordoñez

Abuse of alcohol

Abuse of alcohol, much of young people especially on the weekends, drink without having a set limit, coming in many cases to the feared ethyl comas, with fatal results in many cases.

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Alicia Fernandez

The Church today

The current church in many cases complies with social causes, such as the example of Caritas, and an infinite number of strata of religious type that are given to the most disadvantaged

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Pilar Gonzalez

Outbreaks of optimism

In difficult times like these, where the unemployment rate is historic, it is essential to look forward.

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