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Food is the source of health and can determine our future aging.

Is well known by all, foods is an important pillar of our health, and that may determine our quality of life when we are elderly.

In different surveys on this issue, the Agency's food safety and nutrition, the way of living and life expectancy. Were carried out a survey to a group of 242 people, aged 80 and 104 years, it must be said that in Spain there are a total of 2.375.987 that are between 80 and 100 years, and 10.449 with more than 100 years, it is calculated that in the year... Continue Reading

French cuisine, immemorial heritage of humanity.

French gastronomy is of the most important for its quality in all aspects, both for his presentation and for its exquisite taste, represented by regions that compose it, which leads to a great diversity...

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Vegetarian diet and health.

An alternative to the traditional supply, although experts advise variety in food.

Nutrition experts recognize, to a power where there are large quantities of vegetables in our food, which is an important part of the so-called Mediterranean diet, studies reveal that vegetable consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and cancer. In a country like Spain is increasing obesity each year, result from a poor diet, due to the low consumption of vegetables. As diet... Continue Reading

Salt and cuisine, its importance and hazards.

Salt is the oldest flavor enhancer that exists, one of the main seasoning of any kitchen.

Humans can detect taste salty by the taste buds, one of the four most important flavours, another quality that has is to preserve food, and limit the fermentation of these, so varied from cured meats such as ham use, and the rest of them, use by the industry, for the manufacture of preserved foods, salted fish, its importance is unlimited, this... Continue Reading

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